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Jun 24 2024
Jul 12 2024
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Calling all songwriters! Looking for a space to improve your songwriting skills? Join us for our songwriting camp hosted by OCSA's Popular Music Conservatory! This camp offers two tracks (middle school and high school), where students are mentored by one of the conservatory's songwriting instructors and current student songwriters from the program. Participants study different types of song form, rhyme scheme, and the use of literary aids to further the songwriting process. Students are also given the opportunity to compose alone and collaborate with others in the class. 

Prerequisite: This class is open to songwriters of all levels. We recommend students have access to and proficiency on a secondary instrument (piano or guitar), as well as access to a notebook.



Class dates

06/24/2024, 06/25/2024, 06/26/2024, 06/27/2024, 06/28/2024, 07/01/2024, 07/02/2024, 07/03/2024, 07/08/2024, 07/09/2024, 07/10/2024, 07/11/2024, 07/12/2024


Participants must be 11 years to 15 years old when the program starts.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 10

Maximum: 15

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/15/2024 and ends on 06/17/2024.

Registration closed.