Introduction to a Commercial Kitchen PM

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Jun 24 2024
Jul 03 2024
Introduction To A Commercial Kitchen
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This intensive class focuses on the necessary skills, equipment, and techniques used to produce high-quality cuisine in a restaurant setting. Students learn how to replicate the recipes from this class using their own equipment at home and how to properly cook vegetables, proteins, breads, and desserts using several methods, both classical and modern, including: sautéeing, poaching, roasting, baking, and pastry techniques. Students also work on designing a well-composed plate using each day’s specific focus. This intensive is designed to not only teach students how to cook, but also to inspire them to try new things and to create their own style of cooking by experimenting at home.

Class dates

06/24/2024, 06/25/2024, 06/26/2024, 06/27/2024, 06/28/2024, 07/01/2024, 07/02/2024, 07/03/2024

Additional services and fees

Materials Fee $75.00


Participants must be 11 years to 15 years old when the program starts.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 11

Maximum: 18

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/15/2024.