Digital Photography

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Jul 08 2024
Jul 12 2024
Digital Photography
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In this immersive class, students learn the basic functions of a digital camera and how to take clear and captivating photographs. Students are invited to work with a DSLR camera,point-and-shoot camera, or cellphone camera. Emphasis is placed on lighting, composition,and execution of creative conceptual ideas, as well as editing using a web-based photo processing software. This course is foundational for any student with an interest in photography or digital media.


Please note: This class is open to photographers of all levels. We recommend students have access to either a DSLR camera, point-and-shoot camera, or cellphone camera.

Please email [email protected] for any questions on the suggested course materials.


Class dates

07/08/2024, 07/09/2024, 07/10/2024, 07/11/2024, 07/12/2024


Participants must be 11 years to 15 years old when the program starts.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 10

Maximum: 16

Registration period

Registration starts on 01/15/2024 and ends on 07/01/2024.

Registration closed.